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Living the Brand


Graphic Design projects

Loop design is an independent design consultancy located in the Arctic Norway. For more that 20 years we have we help large and small companies to create visual identities and design solutions. 

What we offer you:
Visual Identity  ::  logo  :: web design  ::  packaging design ::  sign design
Communication design :: editorial design :: posters  ::  ads  ::  social media 

Photo/film / illustration  ::  Landscape  ::  identity 

Communication strategies ::  brand strategies    

Branding / With a clear brand strategy with specific goals and values you can do the Differentiation from your competitors. This is the key to get better payed for your services.

By conducting a Branding process you will get a better understanding about your role, your WHY´s and clearly define your company’s look and soul. Your "bible" (Brand-book) will give you a better understanding about your existence and how to act in the marked. Rooted in your values and goals you can start "living the Brand".

The Branding process can help you understand the essence of the market-differentiation, and the power of storytelling. By fulfilling the process is you will see the clear direction of your company’s tone of voice and look and soul.  It will make you stand out from the crowd by having a great and consistent communication strategy. 


Method / By fulfilling a unique Design-platform and communications strategy you will be in position to tell tells an emotive story that differentiates your business. 


Your creative processes begins with an idea that is based on the client brief, with agreement on the strategic direction. 

We believe in brands that tell a story and convey a message, brands that appeal just as much to the heart as they do to the intellect. 


We will help out focusing on the emotional aspects of a brand (Emotional Selling Points) - the USPs (Unique Selling Points) and the x-factors. 






















For You / We want to excite, challenge and inspire our clients. Our goal is to contribute to increased competitiveness for you and your company. With design as a tool, we want to engage internally in companies, as well as to convey corporate, culture and values outward.


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