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Featured Projects.

Project no. 001

Brand building - ArcticSilver Innovation (ASI)
The Brand was established in 2009 as a Innovative player in the fly fishing Industry.

Within a few years ASI has established a position as a leading innovator in a conservative marked. 

The process included a full range of Marketing- and promotion, strategies, product development, teamwork, design platform, sosial media and a complete Brand book.


 The creative prosess included:
· Design: Marketing materials
· Web design
· Film, photo
· Product development

· Packaging design
· Building Social Media

Today ASI is operated by new leadership with establishment in USA.  

Project no. 002

Visual Identity - Tøyen

Tøyen is a district within the Oslo region with some major challenges in terms of identity, structure and lack of pride. 

Loop Design was commission-ed to develop a visual identity, signage systems and design elements. 


 The creative prosess included:
· Design: Marketing

· Materials campaigns
· Web design
· Brochure
· Sign systems

Project no. 003

Økernveien 11-13 

Concept - rental business

- Visual identity

- Brocures

- Sign systems

- Design elements
 (offices, common areas)


Project no. 004

Alex Elektro - Tana
- Visual Identity

- Sign systems

- Postal elements

Project no. 005

Ørlandet Kysthotell - Brekstad

- Visual Identity

- Conceptual Sign systems, rooms

- Marketing elements


Project no. 006

Moltzau PrintHouse - Oslo

- Visual Identity

- Calendars, Brochures

- Marketing elements


Project no. 007

Marlink (Telenor)  - Oslo

- Graphic design

- Calendars, Brochures

- Marketing elements


Project no. 008

Visual Identity - NorthernSecrets 
Under development....

Northern Secrets will be established as a collaborative between several local enterprises, to offer guided winterphoto- and fly fishing-tours in the magnificent Arctic landscape. As a local operators we know the area as our own pockets.  Some of the locations are well known, but most places are secret spots even for the locals :) 




Loop Design

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